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Why We Play with Blocks

“The wonderful ideas that I refer to need not necessarily look wonderful to the outside world. I see no difference in kind between wonderful ideas that many other people have already had, and wonderful ideas that nobody has yet happened upon. That is, the nature of creative intellectual acts remains the same, whether it is an infant who for the first time makes the connection between seeing things and reaching for them…or a musician who invents a harmonic sequence, or an astronomer who develops a new theory of the creation of the universe. In each case, new connections are being made among things already mastered. The more we help children to have their wonderful ideas and to feel good about themselves for having them, the more likely it is that they will some day happen upon wonderful ideas that no one else has happened upon before.”  — Eleanor Duckworth  Continue reading


Thankful for Assets Community

When I sit down this year at our Thanksgiving table, I will be sharing gratitude for being a member of the wonderful school community we have here at Assets. How fortunate I am to work with such incredible students, a dedicated faculty and supportive families! Continue reading


Spooktacular Friday

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween weekend! Thanks to our Student Council, we certainly kicked the weekend off in style with a spooktacular series of events on Friday. Our campus was abuzz with excitement about the costume parade, pumpkin carving contest and scavenger hunt. There were even two haunted classrooms that students were able to walk through if they wanted. Continue reading


Rules for Play

K-4 Rules for Play

Since the early weeks of the school year, our counselors have been supporting our K-4 students in the process of developing their own Rules for Play.  Our counselors visited each classroom with Ms. Peggy’s shark puppet (named “Trouble”) and discussed what kinds of problems “Trouble” causes on the playground.  Then, the students brainstormed a list of rules that would solve these problems. The counselors took all the suggestions and categorized them.  Finally, the students were presented with the categorized list of rules and voted on the ones they felt most strongly about.

I’m happy to announce our new K-4 Rules for Play are: Continue reading