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Spooktacular Friday


I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween weekend! Thanks to our Student Council, we certainly kicked the weekend off in style with a spooktacular series of events on Friday. Our campus was abuzz with excitement about the costume parade, pumpkin carving contest and scavenger hunt. There were even two haunted classrooms that students were able to walk through if they wanted. Of course, the event that kept everyone talking all day was the surprise Thriller flash mob that the teachers performed after the parade. Teachers had been practicing for weeks to get their choreographed moves down just right so they could bring a joyful surprise to our students and staff.  Video exists of this incredible moment but for now we’ll have to settle for a photo.


Much like Spirit Week before, a great joy for me was to greet students entering campus and get the first look at their costume as they exit their car or bus. What a treat we were in for this year. Much like our students, the costumes were diverse, creative and original!  Costumes featured zombies, clowns, skeletons, super heroes, Minecraft, Star Wars…..even the Wizard of Oz.  Teachers judging the most colorful and creative categories of the costume contest had a very tough decision.

My favorite part of Friday though was that we used it as an opportunity to come together as a community and have a shared experience. I love that all grades, K-8, gathered on the field to watch each class parade around the circle. They were joined by their teachers, along with our counselors and many of our office staff. I saw students of all ages wave to their classmates as they marched by, and compliment each other on such fun costumes.  Mahalo to everyone who made the day such a special one for the students!

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Lastly, we wish Assets School a belated happy birthday today! Assets was incorporated on November 2, 1955 so we celebrate her 59th birthday today with “Show Your Assets Pride Day.” All the different Assets shirts look great!


Best wishes on another wonderful week at Assets!

With aloha,


5 thoughts on “Spooktacular Friday

  1. Mahalo for the post Mr.Masa! Any chance you have the video of the Thriller dance? Would love to see it. Thanks again!


  2. Aloha Mr. Masa,
    I enjoyed viewing the pictures…such creativity with costumes!! Glad everyone enjoyed and made this day one to remember : -)



  3. Aloha Ryan,
    Was that you as a Harry Potter? Thought I saw the lightning bolt across your forehead!!!
    Looking forward to the video!


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