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Thankful for Assets Community


When I sit down this year at our Thanksgiving table, I will be sharing gratitude for being a member of the wonderful school community we have here at Assets. How fortunate I am to work with such incredible students, a dedicated faculty and supportive families!

Our assembly last Friday captured the beauty of our community so well. In case you missed it, Ms. Katie and her ensemble kicked it off while Mairi and Class 55 led the school in singing, E Hoʻomau Ka Ha O Ka Hawaiʻi. It was a trilingual experience! The introduction was in English, the vocal singing was in Hawaiian, and Class 55 students simultaneously performed in American Sign Language.

This was followed by several student announcements. The middle school Project-Based Learning groups are active and running all kinds of activities. Don’t forget to drop a note of thanks for someone in the Good Vibrations Station, located in the Library. These notes are read aloud each week at Assembly.  We also heard about a sneaker drive, a frozen banana sale, Pie Your Favorite Teacher fundraiser, and a Turkey Trot.  

Class 32 students then shared their pantomime skits that they wrote and directed with Ms. Shannon. Of course, they were fantastic. We were then treated to a great surprise. There has been much anticipation about what our Spring school play will be. Students keep asking Ms. Shannon but she has been tight-lipped about it. What the students didn’t know was that she was planning a fun reveal. We suspected many students would not be initially familiar with the play so our faculty agreed to act out the first scene as a way to introduce it. We are excited to share that the Spring play will be……The Prince and the Pauper.  We know our students are talented but who knew our teachers were such great actors too! Mr. Gabe was a delightful Tom Canty, accent and all.  The kids loved seeing Mr. Powell as the regal and pampered, Prince Edward! We ended Assembly like we always do, celebrating birthdays. We also gave a round of applause to the entire Assets community for the talent shared throughout Assembly.

Don’t forget, the play will be May 16 and 17th at Doris Duke Theatre at the Honolulu Museum of Art. The play is open to students in grades 2-8. Ms. Shannon will hold an informational meeting for interested students on November 28th during snack time.

Lastly, with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, many classes have engaged in gratitude activities. As in previous years, I’m always struck and humbled by the number of students who list Assets as something they are grateful for in their lives. Year after year, the most common answers are family, pets and Assets! Mahalo to the students, faculty and parents who make this school such a special place.

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From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


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Ryan Masa is the K-8 Principal at Assets School in Honolulu, Hawaii


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2 thoughts on “Thankful for Assets Community

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  2. Every year our gratitude for the Assets staff and community is at the very top of our families list of what we are most thankful for! Warmest Aloha to all! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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