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“Fountains of Creative Activity” – Family Night 2017

I have written about Family Night each year at Assets because the event is so extraordinary that I always feel compelled to talk about it and share it with others. I have seen few events, at any school, that rival Family Night’s ability to celebrate student creativity and brilliance. My favorite part of the evening is that all students have at least one piece of artwork displayed. If you were on campus, you saw how the walls transform into a breathtaking art gallery. It’s beautiful. Core to its beauty is knowing that it’s a constellation of every single student’s imagination, effort and expression displayed at one time.

Truth be told, it’s difficult to capture in words how and why this evening is so special. You have to see the excitement that the children have when they’re dragging their parents and siblings down the hall to find their artwork. And the smiles and pride on their face when they take a picture next to their artwork. For middle schoolers, it’s often the parents who are beaming with pride, as they see their child presenting in front of other students and adults. This is a wonderful moment because it’s often a side of the child that parents don’t see as much in the familiar confines of their home. Continue reading


Super Bloom

Death Valley, USA.  That’s what I kept thinking about this past Wednesday evening while at our annual Family Night that features our Art Show, drama performances, book fair, and middle school Project-Based Learning Expo.  Before you think that odd, hear me out because there is something incredible happening there right now, and I think it provides us fabulous insight into who our students are and what they need. Continue reading

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What I Appreciate in My Life Is…

Last week, I wrote about the importance of appreciation, offered some tips for giving appreciation at Thanksgiving dinner, and shared about the “appreciation station” we have here at Assets. This week, I want to share another appreciation activity that our students have contributed to. Continue reading


Appreciation and Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

It’s trite to say, “where did the time go,” and yet, I am genuinely stunned that Thanksgiving is this week. I swear the first day of school was only a couple weeks ago. I’m excited though because I love Thanksgiving. I love the food (especially making leftover sandwiches), gathering with family, and of course, the hours of football on TV.  The holiday season also provides us an opportunity to shine our attention on giving thanks. Continue reading


Parenting in the Digital Age

Parenting is hard work. And raising children in our modern digital world presents new challenges to a job that already seemed sufficiently difficult enough. That’s why last Thursday our Assets Parent ‘Ohana (APO) held their first education forum of the year on this very topic, “Parenting Your Children in the Digital Age,” featuring retired Honolulu police officer Mr. Chris Duque and our very own Mr. Jon Pennington.    Continue reading