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Summer School 2016 Enrichment

Welcome to week two of 2016 Summer School at Assets! We had a great first week. I saw our students engaged in fantastic learning experiences and making new friends quickly. I especially enjoyed watching new students discover the wonder of Assets for the first time. Viewing the school through their fresh eyes is a real joy.  One of the distinctive features of the school is our Enrichment Program. Your child may have come home talking about it, so I want to share with you a brief overview of what it is and why we do it. Continue reading



Super Bloom

Death Valley, USA.  That’s what I kept thinking about this past Wednesday evening while at our annual Family Night that features our Art Show, drama performances, book fair, and middle school Project-Based Learning Expo.  Before you think that odd, hear me out because there is something incredible happening there right now, and I think it provides us fabulous insight into who our students are and what they need. Continue reading

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How Teachers Spend Their “Day Off”

I imagine that many of you wonder why we didn’t have school on Friday. What exactly do we do during these days marked as “Professional Development” on the school calendar?  And what on earth could be so important that we make parents find child care on a weekday? I’m glad you asked because this Friday’s activities are worth sharing. Continue reading