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The Block Room – Part 1

In common conception, the work of art is often identified with the building, book, painting, or statue in its existence apart from human experience. Since the actual work of art is what the product does with and in experience, the result is not favorable to understanding. – John Dewey, Art as Experience (1934).

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Summer School 2016 Enrichment

Welcome to week two of 2016 Summer School at Assets! We had a great first week. I saw our students engaged in fantastic learning experiences and making new friends quickly. I especially enjoyed watching new students discover the wonder of Assets for the first time. Viewing the school through their fresh eyes is a real joy.  One of the distinctive features of the school is our Enrichment Program. Your child may have come home talking about it, so I want to share with you a brief overview of what it is and why we do it. Continue reading

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Starting the Year with Hopes and Dreams

Our first two full weeks of school have been exciting ones. We’ve even had two rainy day dismissals, which matches our total for all of last year! It was marked extra special though by Week 2 being the kickoff of enrichment classes. Continue reading


Experts in Gifted Education Visit Assets

You may be wondering why we did not have school on Wednesday. I’m happy to share that it was for an incredible educational experience! We were very fortunate to welcome Dr. Susan Baum and Hank Nicols to campus for a three-day professional development workshop. Dr. Baum is the co-director of the International Center for Talent Development and a national leader in the field of gifted and twice-exceptional education. She has served as a professor, international consultant and has published several books.  Mr. Nicols also works at the International Center for Talent Development and focuses on differentiated instruction, emotional intelligence, and stress and time management.  Dr. Baum and Mr. Nicols worked with K-12 faculty on Wednesday, conducted model lessons with K-8 students on Thursday and spent time with the high school on Friday. Continue reading