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K-8 Campus Construction Update (November 2, 2017)

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A lot of exciting activity has occurred since our last update.

How’s the “Phase 0” construction going?

Great! The trailer on the backfield has been hauled away and the partial demo of the library and computer lab is complete. Those spaces are a little cozier now but they look fantastic. The land under where the library/lab was demolished has since been graded and grubbed, in preparation for the fire and construction access lane. We anticipate the fire/access lane paving to start tomorrow.

The fire and construction access lane is fully clear

If you haven’t seen the trailers being moved, check out this video:

What’s happening right now with the backfield?

Because the fire/construction access lane has been graded, the construction crew has made their way back to the field. They are now grading and grubbing the backfield. You can actually see the footprint for one of the new K-4 buildings!

Footprint of one new K-4 building

What safety precautions are we taking during this part of construction?

We have installed a 12-foot high dust fence around the perimeter of the school to catch any residual dirt and dust. This has worked well. We have also put a combination lock on the gate leading out to the backfield so no one wanders or impulsively runs onto an active construction site.

Because the backfield is currently being worked on with heavy machinery, we have fully closed it, but just temporarily. That means no entry to the field or Structure. We anticipate the Structure will reopen in a week.

What’s the status of the Structure?

As I shared in the last update, our goal is to keep the Structure open as best as possible. We have installed an 8-foot high dust fence around the Structure so that kids can play safely while work goes on outside the fence. It also has its own gate. We have had students play on the gated Structure during light construction and it was worked well.

We have given the contractor our recess schedule so they can avoid these times for deliveries whenever possible. We are hoping to try and coordinate construction lunch breaks with our recess times. When the Structure is open, our recess supervisors enter the field first and lead the way to the Structure to make sure it’s safe. We are working with the contractor to build a temporary walkway from the Backfield gate to the Structure gate.

What does this work mean for Morning and Lunch Recess?

Morning recess is the biggest change. At 7:15am, instead of heading directly to the backfield, students now need to report to the Assembly Area. There, we have several options for students. The K-4 students have blacktop space to play basketball or run around. The grade 5-8 students have a separate area for the same. We also have opened up a game room for students who want to play board or card games. Students may also sit in the assembly area to finish breakfast or talk with their friends. This morning time is still a mobile-device free zone.  Many of our fabulous teachers have also agreed to open up their classroom in the morning as breakout rooms. Each day, students can look at the board in the assembly area and see what “club” offerings are available. Teachers have agreed to host art activities, block play, mindfulness activities, a quiet place to read, etc…. Once the Structure reopens, this will become a morning option as well. Supervisors will lead a group of students to the Structure from the assembly area.

Lunch recess operates similarly, except there are many fewer club options. The game room is still available and supervisors will often lead a group of students off campus to play at one of our neighboring fields.

Is construction on schedule?

YES! The K-4 Village should be complete and open to students and faculty next school year.

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Ryan Masa is the K-8 Principal at Assets School in Honolulu, Hawaii


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