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Marching Toward the Beloved Community

I was chagrined. I didn’t have a satisfying answer and I wanted a great answer. What as a school were we doing to honor, celebrate and advance the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday? Of course, there has always been fabulous individual teachers who have led their class, throughout the year, in meaningful lessons on Dr. King, civil rights, anti-bias work, social justice, and other related topics. But I was thinking about us as an institution. And I just didn’t have a great answer. Continue reading

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The Start of a New Tradition

I enjoy writing about the Thanksgiving season at Assets. The focus on community and gratitude is heartwarming. Of course, our goal is to find ways to extend and make these efforts part of our typical school day, across the whole year. For example, if you attend one of our weekly assemblies, you’ll hear students publicly read notes of thanks from our Good Vibrations Station. These messages recognize good friends, kind deeds, supportive teachers, excellent colleagues and many others who make our school such a wonderful place. This is a tradition that students started three years ago and one we’ve held dear since. I am thankful for this since we know that gratitude not only has wide-ranging personal benefits but it can be cultivated through practice. Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving 2016

For the past two years, our Student Senate has organized a school activity for Thanksgiving that is focused on appreciation or gratitude. This year, we have an Appreciation Tree display where students and faculty could write on leaves or apples what they are thankful for. Continue reading