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What I Appreciate in My Life Is…

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Last week, I wrote about the importance of appreciation, offered some tips for giving appreciation at Thanksgiving dinner, and shared about the “appreciation station” we have here at Assets. This week, I want to share another appreciation activity that our students have contributed to.


This year’s appreciation art display

We try to use the Thanksgiving holiday as a time to engage in a school wide thankfulness practice.  Last year, we made a “gratitude tree” art installation. Each student wrote something they were grateful for on colorful construction paper and we placed each “leaf” on our tree. It was really beautiful. This year, Student Council partnered with our middle school PBL group, “Say What?” to create another appreciation piece of art.

Students and faculty were asked to write or draw something or someone that they appreciate having in their life. K-4 students were given rain drops to write on. Our 5th/6th graders were given clouds and middle school had pieces of a rainbow. Put together, we see how our appreciation for others waters our class flowers and nourishes well-being. Please take a moment to look at the photo collage below and see what some of our students hold most dear. Similar to last year’s gratitude tree, the most common messages are for family, pets, and friends. I was deeply touched by how many students mentioned Assets School, either as what they appreciate, or for their parents paying for them to attend this school. We are very appreciative you are here as well!

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