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The Joy of Family Night

This has been my first year at Assets and I can’t imagine how it could have been more splendid. There have been countless wonderful moments that I’m sure I’ll hold dear for a long time. And while I know the year is not over yet, and that the 8th grade recognition ceremony will be incredibly emotional, it would be difficult to imagine a more special evening than Wednesday’s Family Night. Family Night is composed of our Art Show, Book Fair and Middle School Project Based Learning Expo. The night had so many of my favorite things. It had demonstrations of student work that showcased how brilliant our kids are, a palpable enthusiasm for books, art displayed everywhere, the entire K-8 community coming together, families on campus….it even had a candy bar! The best part was that it was truly student-centric. If you noticed, the faculty were there to support but students led. Continue reading

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How One Student’s Story of Dyslexia Highlights Our Success and Failure

The past four weeks, I’ve written exclusively about Assets School and what is occurring on campus. This week, I take my first of what will be occasional departures from this format in order to share with you a recent news story that I hope you find interesting. Last week,  PBS NewsHour ran a story, “One Student’s Dyslexia Changed How a Community Viewed Learning,” which illustrates the ongoing reading crisis we face in our country. While this is a national story, the situation profoundly hits home with us at Assets. Continue reading