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Running in the Halls Isn’t Allowed….But I Understand


Assets trivia question:  What time of the school day do we see the most running in the halls?

img_2498If you answered recess, that’s a good guess but ultimately wrong. Lunch? Similarly logical but incorrect.  Dismissal? No. Enrichments? [Ding Ding Ding].  Yes, when the bell rings for Enrichments, the faculty does most coaching, reminding and redirecting in the halls. The students just get so excited! They have often been waiting all day for this and can’t wait to get to their Enrichment class and do some fun hands-on activity.

Right now we are in full swing of the first enrichment cycle of the year. If you’re not familiar with Enrichment, it is a program that I’ve written about it in greater detail here and here. In short, it’s an opportunity for our students to explore a variety of topics so they can find their passions and nourish their gifts. When you work with children and want to help them develop gifted behaviors, one of the things you do is follow their interests.

This first enrichment cycle, we are excited to offer students the following activities: Lego Creation, Drawing & Painting, Egg Drop Challenge, Photography, Rocketry, Glass Etching, Minecraft, Cooking, Games & Sports, Mudworks, Woodworking, Dessert Decorating, Hands on Science, Tennis, Debate Club, Piano, Sewing, and Creative Movement. What a list! Big mahalo to our fabulous teachers who offer such engaging and student-centric experiences.

Keep an eye out for new and exciting Enrichments throughout the year!  For now, take a look below at some fun moments from this first cycle.

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Ryan Masa is the K-8 Principal at Assets School in Honolulu, Hawaii


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2 thoughts on “Running in the Halls Isn’t Allowed….But I Understand

  1. My son always looks forward to enrichments. I swear the sun shines brighter on those days with enrichment class, than on the days when there isn’t any. Kudos to Assets School for creating such a stimulating and diversified curriculum!


  2. We just love the enrichment activities being offered this session! Thank you so much for providing all of our children with such wonderful opportunities to explore their interests and discover new ones, too! Sure do wish I had enrichments when I was in elementary school : ) Sending much aloha and mahalo to you all at Assets School!!


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