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Holiday Gifts and Wishes

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The final week before Winter Break is always a time filled with celebration, reflection and demonstrations of learning. Below are just a few of the joyful moments that occurred on campus this week.

Frontier Trading Post

IMG_0873Our 5th and 6th grade classes have been working hard this trimester learning about the movement west across the continental U.S. and preparing for their Trade and Barter simulation. Each class had to make two items that they could use to trade. Our students made braided bracelets, taffy, rings, soap, bath salts, rag dolls, candles, popcorn, snowflake ornaments, and cinnamon tree ornaments. On the day of the simulation, everyone was dressed in their best era-specific apparel. The suspenders, bonnets, rope belts and cowboy hats were fabulous. There were even some Western accents that were tried out. Trades were voluntary and had to be consummated with a handshake. As you’d guess, the taffy and popcorn were popular goods!  Students and faculty closed their day at the trading post with a riveting line dance! Students have been practicing for a couple weeks now, and it showed. An 80-person line dance is a must see event!

Holiday Spirit

Tis the season for holiday parties and class celebrations.  Class 51 and 43 exchanged one of the best gifts you could ever hope to receive – the gift of song. Each class performed a lovely song for the other one and then joined together in the Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Class 43 also made candles and had a cookie exchange.

Class 54 students and parents came together to make breakfast together on campus.  What a spread! There was fruit salad, pancakes, eggs, latkes, bacon and sausage. Students were able to rotate through the different stations and help prepare each food. Even better, students served their parents first when it came time to eat.

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We also were lucky to have been visited from Santa. Our youngest students received a small gift from Santa, and they enjoyed giving Santa big hugs and taking many photos. Some students even pulled Santa aside to reiterate and emphasize their wish list. I was touched to see that a couple of students wanted to give Santa one of their own cookies or gifts.

IMG_0917 IMG_0923Wish Wall

IMG_5666You may remember that for Thanksgiving we made a Gratitude Tree, where students reflected on what they were thankful for. During this winter holiday season, we’ve assembled a Wishing Wall.  Each star on our wall is a wish that an Assets student has for the new year. They are remarkable for their insight and generosity. As I was reading the wall, two wishes seemed to emerged time and time again. The first is “time with family” and the second is for everyone to be nice to each other. What a wonderful reminder about the importance of family and kindness, which both bring such light into our lives. Mahalo to our Student Council for coordinating such a thoughtful activity for us.

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From our Assets faculty and staff, we wish you a joyous holiday and bright new year!



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