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As we’ve approached Spring, a season characterized by rejuvenation and growth, our students have been active with several events. There are two that really stick with me as they both brought together community, along with a lot of joyful noise and incredible outbursts of energy!

Middle School Dance

Our middle school students gathered at the Pacific Club last weekend for a wonderful evening of music, food, games and dancing! Our students looked sharp, dressed to the nines. Be sure to check out the fashionable photos below.  Students enjoyed a sit-down dinner, games, a trivia contest based on little known facts about their teachers, a sundae bar (a personal favorite of mine), and a photo booth. I was blown away. In addition to the fashion, I was very impressed with how many great dancers we have. Mahalo to Emily King and all of our dedicated middle school faculty who put their time into planning, encouraging students, and chaperoning a special event for our kids.

Jump Rope For Heart

IMG_0999On Wednesday, all K-8 classes participated in Jump Rope for Heart. Our students have been practicing all kinds of single and partner jump rope skills the past month in P.E. class. Throughout the month, students have also been raising money for the American Heart Association. I’m proud to share that we raised nearly $5,000 for this important organization. Our kids’ generosity is amazing. To share one story, a young student donated all $27 he had earned from his chores to Jump Rope for Heart. When Coach Hoku asked him why he wanted to give all his money, he said that he wanted to help others.  A truly selfless act.

For the event, students went outside and were active for 40 minutes, rotating through three different stations. We had a jump rope station, basketball (hoops for heart), and an obstacle course.

Mahalo to Coach Hoku and Coach Carey for coordinating this event and for helping our students develop some serious skills.

Spring Break

In a fun twist, today is the first day of Spring and the last day before Spring Break. I hope everyone enjoys this well-deserved break and quality family fun time. Please remember the office is closed next week and we look forward to welcoming everyone back March 31st!

With aloha,


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